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Domestic water copper tube heaters & ASME storage systems; shell & tube exchangers; packaged semi-instantaneous domestic water generators

INCLUDING Cleaver Brooks – 2, 3 and 4 pass firetube boilers; commercial/industrial watertube boilers; boiler accessories & controls and electric boilers – Industrial watertube steam boilers and hot water generators – Heat recovery steam generators, condensing steam and hot water boilers, – Commercial/Industrial burners and controls; low  NOx burners

Steam and Hot Water Boilers; Thermal Liquid and Hot Water Heaters

Condensing hydronic and traditional hydronic heating and domestic hot water boilers (80% to 98% effi­cient); storage tanks; buffer tanks, gas, electric and LPG water heaters; swimming pool heaters

Electric Steam Generators and Boilers

Electric Steam Generators and Boilers

Commercial and residential gas and oil fired cast iron sectional boilers



Centrifugal in-line and end section pumps; factory assembled heat transfer sys­tems; residential and commercial packaged water booster pumping systems; shell and tube heat exchangers and tank coil bundles; expansion tanks and various hydronic system specialty products

Commercial and industrial centrifugal and turbine type pumps; pack­aged condensate return units and boiler feed systems; packaged water booster systems; sewage and sump pumps, UL/FM fire pumps and fire pump systems; hydronic system specialties

Packaged pumping systems for irrigation, municipal and commercial HVAC applications; packaged water booster systems

Commercial and industrial centrifugal pumps; packaged condensate and boiler feed systems; sewage and sump pumps

Cast iron and stainless steel centrifugal and self-priming pumps; variable speed booster pumps and controls (Aquavar); multi-stage centrifugals; submersible sewage and sump pumps; vertical turbine pumps packaged systems

Myers Residential; Commercial, industrial and municipal submersible sump, waste and sewage pumps; submersible grinder pumps; self-priming solids handling pumps; pump controls and accessories

Commercial, industrial and municipal line shaft turbine pumps and fire pumps

Submersible, grinder and Hazardous Pumps, controls and systems

Packaged deaerator-type boiler feed systems; condensate and conventional boiler feed systems; vacuum systems with all systems available in cast iron, steel or stainless steel receivers

Control Panels, Level Monitoring and Float Switches

Pumps, Control Panels, OilMinder, Float Switches

Fiberglass Basins, Guiderail Packages, Basin Accessories and complete Basin Packages 

Centrifugal in-line and end section pumps; factory assembled heat transfer sys­tems; residential and commercial packaged water booster pumping systems; shell and tube heat exchangers and tank coil bundles

Vertical industrial sump, sewage and waste pumps; horizontal self-priming centrifu­gal and vortex pumps; stainless steel and other special materials



Vibration isolation products; seismic control products and accessories

Commercial and industrial evaporative cooling towers, closed circuit coolers and condensers; ice thermal storage systems

Valves and accessories

Inductive protection systems for motors used with variable speed drives

Variable frequency drives; electric motor starters tower IQ packages

Variable frequency drives; electric motors

Flow control devices and meters; FM rated fire pump flow meters

Flexible connectors, expansion joints, hose kits and accessories

Plate and frame, shell and tube, compact fin single tube heat exchangers

Chimney, B and condensing vent; generator exhaust and grease ducting

Commercial and industrial filtration, solids separation equipment and controls

Steam traps, condensate pumps, pilot and direct regulators, control valves

Thermometers, pressure gauges and accessories

HVAC, sanitary and industrial flex connectors and expansion joints

ASME and standard steel lined and unlined storage tanks; water heaters; flash tanks; air separators; code expansion tanks; blowdown tanks

Suction diffusers and triple-duty valves; exp. tanks and hydronic specialties




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